She witnessed a crime, but can she stop it from happening again?

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Marceline is nine. She loves to sit on her porch on summer evenings, when the clouds look like the rainbows in her cereal milk after she has pulled a fork through them, creating strands of ROYGBIV that turn hairy and soft at the ends. Sometimes, from her stoop, she observes the thick-lined man she’s spent the afternoon filling in her entire driveway with, his stretched body an exercise in perfectly imperfect proportions. This is of those nights. She perches on the edge of the concrete step, sucking on a lime popsicle and observing the white chalk outline.

“Whatcha doing, sweetheart?”…

Image of woman’s mouth, slightly open.
Image of woman’s mouth, slightly open.
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Is Fern senile, mentally ill, or something far stranger?

Her words folded over themselves like crepe paper around small, precious gifts. What emerged beneath each crinkled piece, appearing to distort memory but only rearranging it, was a pearl of truth, vulnerable as the underside of the tongue, and just as honest.

She brought it up again this afternoon. “The light did it, really. Turned me inside out. Particles, that’s what I was. Know what I mean? Of course you don’t.”

“Why do you think I don’t?” I asked, peeling little shavings of cuticle from my thumbnail bed.

“Why would you…

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash
Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash
Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

Your inbox never looked this good!

Distance learning provides the best opportunity we have at the moment for you, dear student, to stay up-to-date on classwork, keep in touch with your teachers, and earn the credits you need to move forward, despite the very disruptive and traumatic Covid-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, you are a warrior for even reading this article. Don’t give up and know that you and your generation are making history (herstory) each and every day. I salute you and send you love and goodness.

Does that suddenly make you an email genius, with the skills and knowledge to whip your inbox into…

Big love is in the stars.

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The sound drew me, a crackling hum that broke the starry night’s stillness.

When others telepathically enter my energy now and contact my memory of this event, my turning point, they find that it was the sound, unlike anything I’d ever experienced, that woke me inside. First, a drone from deep in the ground but also the sky, shooting a static thrill through my body that I knew I’d never feel again on the Amish Path. The current buzzed my bones, vibrated beneath my skin, raising cool hairs as if electrifying them at the…

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I often write about or from the perspective of children and teens, but wouldn’t put my work on Young Adult shelves. Why? Because the kids don’t need these words; grown-ups do.

Young adult fiction is on fire right now. According to author and publisher Valerie Peterson,

“The number of Young Adult titles published more than doubled in the decade between 2002 and 2012 — over 10,000 YA books came out in 2012 versus about 4,700 in 2002.”

Rowling’s Harry Potter series is more popular and relevant now than it was when it first hit the scene like a lightning bolt…

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